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Formulator Freebies with every order!

Every order receives a free 7mL jar of new, secret formulations or a sample of something from the shop. You never know, but you always get something! No minimum purchase or special code is required.

Hi, I'm Alina!

Thank you for visiting my shop! I'm passionate about skincare that's ethical, gentle, and effective, and I care about where it comes from. I believe the future of skincare is local, seasonal, deeply personal, and free of cruel practices.

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  • No Tilling, No Spraying

    The raw materials used in Materia Medica products are grown alongside the food I grow for my family.

  • Handcrafted Skincare

    Small batch skincare is more ethical and effective than mass-produced products with questionable claims.

    About Materia Medica 
  • Gentle Ingredients

    I formulate with long-term skin health in mind. Harsh acids and exfoliants cause more harm than good and are over-prescribed.