Making Materia: Thick Gel Stock Solution for Skincare Formulation

Making Materia: Thick Gel Stock Solution for Skincare Formulation

Thick Skincare Gel Stock Solution with Sepimax Zen

What is Sepimax Zen? Very simply, it is a light, white powder that can create crystal-clear water-based gels. It can also create cream gels and handle many different additives, actives, emollients, and even some oils! I source my Sepimax Zen from Lotioncrafter because of the consistent quality and the great price! It's a fairly popular skincare ingredient available on Etsy and sometimes eBay. Be sure to shop around! Make sure that the INCI name is Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6.

Before getting started, please read the entire post first! 

Thick Skincare Gel Stock Ingredients

Makes 100 grams

Thick Skincare Gel Stock Directions

  1. Weight out distilled water, aloe vera juice, and liquid germall plus separately before combining into a clean beaker or sterile container
  2. Weight out Sepimax Zen and sprinkle over liquid ingredient surface. Powder will float. Do not mix in!
  3. Cover container with plastic wrap and wait 8 hours. You can look at it, but don't touch it! It will start to thicken; this is the magic.
  4. Use a fork or wire whisk to mix to hydrate fully. It will be the consistency of Jell-O, ready for use and storage.
  5. Use a 65% thick stock gel stock solution with water-soluble skincare ingredients like licorice root, gotu kola, and calendula!

Important Formulating Standards and Practices

  • Formulate in a clean, well-lit, well-ventilated space. Formulating skincare at home is safe as long as you review and follow the Good Manufacturing Practices from the FDA.
  • You must use distilled, reverse-osmosis, or otherwise sterilized water or hydrosol. You cannot use tap water, filtered water, well water, or bottled spring water. A gallon of distilled water from the grocery store is suitably economical!
  • You must use a preservative. It is not optional. Without a broad spectrum preservative, your formulation will grow mold, bacteria, fungi, and/or yeast. You do not want to rub any of that on your face. Liquid germall plus is readily available from your favorite online retailer!

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